World’s most expensive computer mouse costs $320

Almost everything around us has been either blinged up or made by some high-profile artist or designer to later bag the “World’s most expensive” tag in that niche.  Why should our little but vital computer mouse be left behind? Gere is the Sphere 2 Mouse by OreObject which is the first of its kind. This one is made out of surgical grade stainless steel and is available in coat choices of either titanium, 24-karat gold or platinum. This is actually a follow up of the formerly unveiled Sphere touch mouse which was made up of fine metals.

This one’s shaped like a sphere and the top part here features a scroll wheel. There are two touch-sensitive buttons here which can be found on the sides. With respect to pricing, it would be crime to think it is going to be modest or on the lines of any other mouse you have seen till date. The titanium flavor will cost $185 whereas the platinum coated one is the most expensive comes for as much as $320.  A lot of times the bling work on an object compromises its functionality quotient. But that quite doesn’t happen here as a lot of improvements have been pumped in if you were compare it with its earlier sibling.

The design here is definitely catchy but you might want to order some platinum or titanium lacquered keyboard too to go well this mouse on your table. You’d be nearly killing it you had this one kept next to your $20 something chunky keyboard.

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