Bungalow Publishing to Release Exclusive Book ‘Dear Michael’ on Jackson’s Life

The popularity of Michael Jackson hasn’t diminished after his death in 2009. In fact, the demand for his records and collectibles has increased manifold after the star’s controversial death. His albums are selling more today than they sold while he was alive. People who own any piece of memorabilia related to the star wear it as a badge of pride. His dedicated fans want more of him and so Bungalow Publishing has put together a monumental book called ‘Dear Michael’ that will bring out some of the rarest aspects of the legendary star’s life.

The exclusive book has been created by Marisa Garau and Arjan van Woensel for Bungalow Publishing who are well known for creating special edition products. The book will basically be an elaborate pictorial display of Michael Jackson’s life but it is the production values of the book that will make it an exclusive edition. The book will be released in a limited edition of only 2,000 copies which will be individually numbered. The book is bound in hand crafted black leather fabric and instead of a photograph on the cover a portrait of Michael Jackson has been created with 3.000 selected Swarovsaki crystals.

The craftsmen from Austria have created a very imposing image of Michael. The paper used for the book is special with silky smooth texture. It has silver coating on the edges to ensure that one paper never sticks to the other. The book comes in a specially designed white and wooden finish casing. It can be placed on a table independently as a decorative item. The book will be officially unveiled at selected stores in London, Shanghai and New York in 2012. Just attending the unveiling event will cost the fan $7,499. Anything is possible with Michael Jackson.

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