Shipley & Halmos Unveil Uber-chic Jackets

The two dimensional, with contrasting functions and materials with two colors in both the sides is a new trend of the season for stylish men. Shipley & Halmos’s fall collection includes varsity jacket having white nylon sleeves in crimson corduroy. You can flip it inside to get it in gray wool. It is a transformer; it is a vest not raincoat.

Darrell Hartman gives an explanation of versatile transformers, a zip sweater with one side insulated cotton and softer jersey and pima cotton in opposite side is amazing for travel. The microfiber jacket with a nylon puffer liner, both the parts are free of zipping each other so that they can be worn separately resulting in three-in-one piece which is ideal for a warm fall as well as a winter night. Mr. Kimmel has designed a shape shifter looking like hunter coat.  Here its hem folds up with button in the neck line, and it changes into a short jacket which looks like a large pocket is enough to accommodate an iPad. The puzzle like convertible garment developed by Mr. Kimmel is innovative and one of its kind, never seen like this before.

For weather fluctuation in different regions like the South Pole, the Arab spring and Seattle, you may need detachable vest, he has tailored wool coat with a quilted poplin vest which can be used independently. Adam Kimmel’s Convertible pieces have become the trademark of the designer, Previously, he had stitched reversible tuxedo which was also a navy suit for spring and one more item a linen blazer the other side of which you could see a rain slicker of nylon.




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