NYC’s Most Expensive Rental Home Can Be Yours For $100K A Month

A five-story luxury home in New York’s Soho district is up for rent. The asking price is $100,000 per month. Fitted with three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, this is currently the most expensive rental home in the Big Apple. The stunning, fully-furnished and tastefully decorated home should appeal to the expensive tastes of wealthy New Yorkers. You might even recognize the home from the music video of the Beyonce number “Halo”.

Address: 214, Lafayette Street, Soho, Manhattan

Price: This New York City home is currently available for rent at $100,000 per month. However, well-heeled travelers who are just passing through can rent this most expensive rental home for $50,000 a week. And if you just want to do a test run and see if the home works for you, why not rent it out for a single night. The nightly rate is a cool $20,000.

Background: Hollywood director Marcus Nispel and his wife Dyan currently own this luxury home. Nispel film direction portfolio extends to such movies as “Conan the Barbarian” and the remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. However, the Soho home has other (and bigger) celebrity connections. The home has been the setting for music videos by Beyonce and John Mayer. American television drama series “Damages” was also shot here. Plus, Equire conducted its 2009 Sexiest Woman Alive photo shoot with Kate Beckinsale on these very premises.

The property was originally one of New York City’s first power substations. It later did time as a factory and as a gallery. Then the Nispels purchased it in the mid-1990s and carried out major redecorations over 12 years.

Details: As with so many old buildings, the high ceilings are a highlight of this most expensive rental home in New York City. The Lafayette Street mansion features 19-foot-high ceilings. As you enter, expect to be transported to a sprawling suburban estate rather than a compact New York home. You cannot help but appreciate the artistic makeover that the Nispels have given to this former factory space. The textured walls and classic wooden fireplaces add a homey character to the property. The $100,000 rental figure may be a little pricey, but at least tenants will not have to think about furnishing the place from scratch. The Nispels have done most of the initial groundwork.

The five-storey building also features a pool on the bottom floor. How many New York homes can boast of that? The next floor of this most expensive rental home houses an office space. The following three floors are the residential section, housing three bedrooms. The main living area features 20-foot-high ceilings. And the cherry on the top is a top-floor outdoor terrace spread over 925 square feet. We love how the home blends old-world structure with contemporary décor.

Agent: Broker Steve Halpern of Citi Habitats; Halpern describes the five-storey luxury home as “the most unique property in all of New York”. He is also convinced that the premium property can command the $100,000 rental price. After all, he is the real estate agent with his finger on the pulse of the luxury renters. Skeptics will have to watch this one out.

Via: Gothamist, NY Daily News

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