MarkaVIP Raises $5 Million for Luxury E-commerce Expansion in Arab Nations

The Arab nations are always in the news for all the very wrong reasons. Sometimes it is political instability and sometimes it is something else, but this time around, it is time for some luxury. Luxury deals site MarkaVIP has announced that they would be expanding their e-commerce to Arab nations where there is a lot of wealth to be spent.

Lumia Capital and Invus Financial Advisors helped MarkaVIP to raise $5 million in order to create the e-commerce platform and also to market luxury stuff in the Middle East. With more than 700,000 registered users, its centers in Beirut, Dubai, Amman, Istanbul, Antwerp and San Francisco only tell you that it is going to be one helluva site to shop online. In fact it almost makes me jealous that I am not living in Arab countries for they would now be able to shop for luxury goods just the way they shop for anything else.

Of course, it is an affluent and troubled region, and having such e-commerce sites would also help women who may not be safe to venture out, and they may not even have the freedom to venture out. With words like loyalty and trust in their ad copy, MarkaVIP will surely take their customers on a ride of shopping and spending with exuberance. So it is a great way to make sure that everything is going alright in the business of luxury, and also in the Arab nations where it is difficult to set foot and expand business.

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