Peugeot Resurrects Legendary Swilden Desk For Its Head Office

One of the foremost luxury cars manufacturer in the world, France based Peugeot, has now come into the spotlight yet again, but not because of automobiles, but because of a vintage piece of furniture that the company is now sporting in its headquarters. The stunning Swilden Desk has now made its way to 75 avenue de la Grande Armee, the address of Peugeot HQ. Designed and developed in the year 1966 by Ben Swildens, this extremely expensive desk was originally commissioned for the building’s foyer region. Soon after three of these gorgeous desks made their way into Peugeot and were given to three receptionists manning each of the tables. Peugeot has long been associated with some of the most elegant car designs and thus it is no wonder that the company has such a remarkable taste in exquisite furniture as well. For the reproduction process the Swilden Desk will be recreated by renowned French designer, Furdess who will be designing eight of these masterpieces.

The Swilden Desk features s striking stainless steel mirror polish, while the most astounding element of these magnificent tables is that throughout their structure, there are no visible welding marks or joints. All these desks have been created by a precision metal workshop in Lyon and each of the desks will carry identification numbers that will be signed by the designer himself. With such an eloquent history behind this fascinating vintage furniture, the Swilden Desks have for long been sought after by auction houses as well art galleries. The new Swilden Desks will be on display at Peugeot HQ till January 19th,  2012, after which the desks will be put on display at the Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair organized by Felix Marcilhac art gallery. If you are mesmerized by these beautiful creations and wish to get one for your living room, then be ready to shell out a whopping $87,000 apiece.

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