Scanomat Brings you Top Brewer that Gives you Coffee on Tap

You must have wished often for a tap in your kitchen that would give you ready coffee but resigned to the fact that wishful thinking cannot be turned to reality. You must have also thought about the flying car or the picnic butler. But there is good news for you as the concept has actually been turned into reality and it is called the Top Brewer. It has been designed by Danish coffee machine maker Scanomat. Central to the design is a tap that can simultaneously dispense up to three types of liquid. The tap is fed by an aluminum bodied brew unit.

The unit comes in a compact Top Brewer cabinet. The brew unit can be taken out easily for a quick refill. Dual grinders have been incorporated in the unit so that coffee can be made out from actual roasted beans. Filter coffee can be made by the unit at the rate of four cups per minute. The unit is enabled to deliver espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, and latte. The system is also capable of making steamed foam milk. Normally coffee makers draw power constant ly to keep the coffee hot but Top Brewer shuts down completely and takes 45 seconds to get started when given a command.

There is custom application available for iPhone users to wirelessly instruct the unit about your requirement with specifications like temperature, cream and sugar content. In case you don’t have an iPhone you have to key in the instructions on the keyboard provided on the unit. The other highlight of the unit is its self cleaning mechanism that operates itself once every day. Its milk lines also flush itself after every use. If you add the optional extra systems then the unit can be used for options like hot chocolate or chilled water, milk or juice. If you want to know the price you will have to contact the company.

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