Parking with Panoramic Views on the 11th Floor is the Most Expensive Car Park

Glauco Lolli-Ghettis 11th floor condominium in West Chelsea boasts of one of the most expensive parking spaces. The new 19 story building on 24th street provides panoramic views of the Hudson River through its floor to ceiling windows. However the sky garages provided to the residents in the building has become the highlight and the talking point. Mr. Lolli Ghettis’ three bedroom apartment in the building is on the market for $7 million. The apartment boasts of a 300 square foot en suite sky garage. The cost of the garage works out to $800,000 if you divide the total cost with the total area making it the most expensive car parking.

The building was designed by Annabelle Selldorf and the concept of the sky garage was incorporated to give a feel of a suburban home in an urban area like New York. You just step out of your door and you can step into your car. Last month, plans for a 57-story building in Miami Beach with apartment parking were approved. The technology involved in taking the car up to your door step is relatively conventional. However sensors have been installed in the building to detect high levels of carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxides. The vents open automatically to prevent a buildup of fumes.

The residents drive to the black door in the building on the 11th Avenue. An electronic reader that operates like E-ZPass opens the gate. There are readers and sensors that guide the car to the elevator and it automatically takes the car to the owner’s floor and the driver simply has to back the car out of the elevator into his parking space. The same process is adopted while going out, however the cars exit onto West 24th Street.

Via: nytimes

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