Origami Launches its Hi Tech 4Moms Stroller

A new parent sometimes finds it difficult to decide which stroller to choose from. The choices available are many and often confusing. In a bid to add newer and attractive features some of the strollers on offer have become wild and robotic. They look like monsters that could eat up the baby with just one snap of their plastic jaws. But Origami has developed a stroller that has been designed logically with features that make it the most convenient stroller to use. The 4moms Origami stroller is the ultimate stroller new parents are looking for. if you are looking for gifts for women who happen to be a new mom, this could be the ideal gift this season.

The little one are perfectly safe in this Origami stroller as it will never close on the little ones by mistake. The functions of the stroller are highly automated. The process in this stroller is a bit different. Instead of pressing down on some hydraulics, this stroller can be opened up and closed down just with the tap of a button. The technology is new and pretty amazing. It is a modern gadget that combines technology, luxury and convenience.

The Origami stroller boasts of a built in generator to provide power for the motor that operates the opening and closing mechanism. The buggy is fitted with a LCD readout that tells you if it is ok to close the stroller. Headlights have been incorporated in the design and place near the front wheels so that you can navigate the dark areas also safely. The down side if any for this stroller is its price which is rather steep as it costs $849. But somehow when you see the buggy you feel that it is worth it even at that price.

Via: techcrunch

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