Green Gifts: Cool Toys For Holidays

Coming up with new and fresh Christmas gift ideas year after year is a talent that many do not possess. It becomes even more difficult when you are hunting for green gifts. This is why a gift guide like this one can be a huge help. We focused only on cool toys for this list. You will be surprised to know that many green gifts are available at affordable rates. Happy shopping!

1. Plan Toys Chalet Doll House With Furniture
Price: $163.75

Made out of natural organic recycled rubber wood, this beautiful doll house is one of those cool toys that even grown ups will love. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for your primary or middle school-going sister, this chalet-style doll house from Plan Toys would be a great buy. Look beyond the price tag for a change. The doll house is a standout. Moreover, you cannot help but be b impressed by the intricate detailing. This miniature house comes fully furnished. There is a tub in the bathroom, a cooking range in the kitchen and a lampshade by the bedside. The two-piece doll house comes with three-floor and two-floor sections, including skylights, moveable staircases and more.


2. Animal Adoption Kit
Price: $100

You don’t need a gift guide to help you buy green gifts for your animal-obsessed son or daughter. The $100 animal adoption kit from The Nature Conservancy is all you need to watch your kid break into a smile. The animal adoption kit features a drawstring backpack full of plush stuffed animals. There’s a sea turtle, a jaguar, a rhino and an orangutan. The pack also includes a nature gift card, an issue of The Nature Conservancy magazine and invitations to participate in local field trips conducted by the non-profit environmental organization.

3. Cornishware Classic Knitted Tea Set
Price: $79.95

If your daughter loves to play house and you are looking for cool toys for her, check out this Cornishware classic knitted tea set. It is sure to encourage your little one to throw a special festive tea party over the holidays. Green gifts have never been this much fun, and this tea set is so much prettier than the usual plastic models available in stores. The vintage British-inspired set includes a tea pot, a milk jug, a sugar bowl and tea cups. You don’t need a gift guide to tell you that this will look great in your display cabinet.

4. Retro Racing Car
Price: $30

Gift your child racing cars that look completely different and ultra-cute. Noli Noli Handmade has come up with these cool $30 retro racing cars that will have your kids zooming around the house all day long. These little vehicles are crafted by hand out of all natural wood, most of which is recycled wood collected from furniture-makers based in New York. Moreover, Noli Noli Handmade keeps the cars free of toxins – no paints or chemical finishes have been used. The exaggerated eyes on the driver’s head offer a quirky little touch. But the heads are functional pieces, designed as handles for pushing the cars around.

5. Felt Birdhouses
Price: $24

This Christmas, you can head all the way to Kathmandu, Nepal for your green gifts. If you are looking for cool gifts for the holidays, you will love these hand-felted wool birdhouses created by fair trade artisans in Nepal. I am not too sure that kids will be too excited by these cool toys, but grown-ups will fall for these intriguing birdhouses that can be hung indoors as decoration or left outdoors as a special Christmas gift for the birds.

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