Gift Guide: Green Gifts For Kids

You can do your bit for the environment during the holiday season, and get your children in on the action. To help you out, we put together a special green gift guide to provide you with cool gift ideas for the children. These green gifts for kids will leave you feeling good about your gift to the environment.

1. Skateboard Stool
Price: $200

Running out of unique gift ideas for Christmas? If you have a boisterous boy (or tomboy) at home, you might want to have a closer look at this unusual skateboard stool. It is made of broken pieces of skateboard. Artist Jason Podlaski went around skating parks and skateboard shops across the United States and Canada, collecting broken skateboard pieces of various shapes and sizes. He then put all the recycled bits together to build this cool skateboard stool that your skateboard-toting kids would adore. The roughed up look is great. Plus, each piece looks different since each broken skateboard is different. At $200, it may be a tad expensive, but well worth the smile on your kid’s face.

2. Snug Organics Sherpa Sleeper
Price: $58

Holiday shopping for green gifts for tots has never been this much fun. Just one look at the Sherpa Sleeper from Snug Organics will make you fall in love. Gift ideas for the little ones need not be limited to dolls and toys. Your toddler will love wearing this cozy Sherpa Sleeper. It is made out of 100 percent organic cotton. Plus, the possibility of rashes or irritation is largely absent. No flame retardant chemicals, pesticides or synthetics have been used in making this green gift. The vanilla fabric is completely dye-less while the green trim uses low-impact dyes. Adding further color to the snug sleeper is the front zipper (available in aqua or sunflower colors). Your little one is sure to be snug as a bug in this sleeper outfit.

3. ‘The Supers’ – Hand Knit Superhero Dolls
Price: $43

Green gifts for kids come in all sorts of avatars. Your little tots will love these hand knit superhero dolls from Dents de Loup. Named The Supers, these superhero dolls are super-cute and super-soft. However, that is not about to stop them from saving the world. We love the polka-dotted capes and the colorful costumes on these masked crusaders. We are pretty sure your kids will love them too. If not, we can see them holding pride of place on a display cabinet somewhere. That is the best thing about great gift ideas. They never go to waste.

4. Kids’ Organic Cotton Creativity Apron
Price: $20

Children love to get messy. They just can’t help it. But you can help them stay clean by gifting them this colorful creativity apron made from 100 percent organic cotton. At $20, they are not frightfully expensive and they are a good investment too. Finally, you can protect your children’s clothes from the mess when they get busy coloring or cooking. These green gifts for tots are easy to clean. You can dump them in the machine or simply wipe them clean. It is one of those terrific gift ideas for kids that even parents love. Plus, they come in three super-cute versions that your child will adore. Pick up the pretty pink floral one for your princess. You little boy will love the blue one with propellers. And if you have a budding animal rescuer or veterinarian at home, the jungle version will be a hit.

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