Cufflinks with Working Knife Make the Most Unusual Gift

If you are looking for an unusual gift for men this season a unique pair of cufflinks might interest you. I am afraid all men might not appreciate it. It is a pair of cufflinks with a small knife built in them. The cufflinks seem ideal for someone like James Bond, or maybe even he would prefer something technologically more advanced. The cufflinks are made from stainless steel and have been designed smartly. There have been cufflinks with flash drive USB that serves a useful purpose.

The knife could also be useful but if mishandled, it could become dangerous. Though small, it is a working knife. These knife cufflinks are seven eighths of an inch long and each blade is nine sixteenths of an inch. There is a little notch to open the knife. If you wear these cufflinks you will always have a pair of knife with you. However they must be used responsibly. The designers who have conceived the knife cufflinks have some simple usage in mind and it has been mentioned in the product description. The makers would like you to use the knife only for opening envelopes, cutting packaging tape and peeling oranges.

The knife cufflinks come with a diamond dust sharpener to keep it sharp and its lethal best. With increased security and the threat perception it is difficult to imagine that these cufflinks could get through airport security. If you are interested because of its unique concept you can buy these cufflinks on yougneek site. The knife cufflinks have been priced at $55.

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