Gift Idea: AudioBulb for Music Loving geeks

AudioBulb, is a LED lighting system that allows the users to play music from iPhones and iPods, throughout their homes and offices without wires. You could screw in the bulb and use your lamp like normal. It’s as easy to set up. The standard audio systems can be difficult to use, high-priced to install, more complex to extend to multiple rooms, speakers rarely match a room’s decor. The design of AudioBulb solves all these issues.

Technical set ups, custom installation or complex wires are not needed for these AudioBulb. You could fix the bulb into any bulb’s socket; user could connect an audio source through the base unit or auxiliary input. Eight AudioBulbs can be accommodated in the system which configures into listening zones. Separate zones are established in single room or throughout a home, this makes easier for some to listen to music, and others can sleep in silence just because of difference in volumes.

5 watts of energy are used by bulbs which produce light of 60 watt incandescent bulb and can be used for 10 years with normal usage –When music is not needed, the bulbs function normally. It has the signal range of 50 to 100 feet. Both AudioBulb music and light functions could be controlled by infrared remote. It is priced at $299.99. The package of each AudioBulb consists of two bulbs, a remote control, an auxiliary of cable, lamp accessories, a power cord and complete base unit. The long-lasting LED light is a very good deal. You could gift for geek friend for this Christmas.




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