Pamper Your Dog With These Eco-Friendly Pet Feeders

Eco-friendly furniture is the need of the day. And these days, designers are not limiting their ethical designs to the usual dressers, coffee tables and beds. Firms like Minnesota-based Eastvold Furniture have even begun making dog feeders out of ethically harvested lumber. The dog days are over for contemporary canines, what with designers focusing on a variety of dog products. From a doggy wheelchair to a dog bed or dog hammock, man’s best friend is being pampered completely. And Eastvold Furniture’s dog feeders fall neatly into that bracket.

Buster Pet Feeder
Price: $260

The Buster pet feeder is named after Matt Eastvold’s first Yellow Labrador. The central column of this feeder provides storage space for your dog’s food. It is handy enough during meals. Two stainless steel bowls flank the left and right sides of the central storage area. You can use one for food, and the other for water. Don’t worry about your dog eating messily. The tops of the bowl-holders are sufficiently protected with gray laminate.

Jesse Pet Feeder
Price: $260

The Jesse pet feeder offers a slightly different design, with both stainless steel bowls placed on one side of the storage unit. Again, grey laminate provides protection to the eating area. Named after a Border Collie named Jesse, this pet feeder is ideal for cats or smaller dogs. Place it in your kitchen or near the fireplace, and watch your pet up all the pampering.

Willie Pet Feeder
Price: $340

This one is named after Willie, another Border Collie. In this case, the feeding area is on top of the unit. The bottom serves as an easily-accessible storage drawer. Eastvold ensures that water does not seep into the storage space by placing quart stainless bowls with ring seals for extra protection.

All three feeders are available maple, walnut or white oak versions.

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