Luxury Cruise ‘The World’ Offers Luxury Residences At Sea

How would you like an ever-changing address minus the stress of moving every now and again? Luxury cruise, The World, caters to this unusual whim by providing a host of luxury residences at sea. To have a luxury cruise as one’s home is a dream come true, especially when the cruise in question sails to every corner of the world.

Journeying On The World

The World began its journey around the globe in 2002. Since then, the luxury cruise has carried passengers to exciting and exotic lands. In 2012, the journey begins from vibrant Cape Town, and sails around Africa’s southernmost tip before island-hopping its way to Australia and New Zealand. Thereon, the ship cruises to the Melanasian and French Polynesian Islands, Hawaii and the western coast of the United States of America. Then it is on to Canada, Alaska, the Northwest Passage and the eastern coast of the United States. By the fag end of the year, The World will have reached the Caribbean in time to party 2012 away.

Luxury Living On The World

If the prospect of being constantly on the move appeals to you, take a closer look at The World. The 196-meter ship is practically a floating island that offers 165 luxury residences. The homes are of various different sizes, but each comes with a private balcony of its own. However, the biggest attraction on this spectacular ship is located on Deck 10 – a six-bedroom home that is currently up for sale. Life on a boat may not be suited to everybody, but ultra-wealthy millionaires could consider this luxurious ocean property.

Is this really home? Maybe not in the conventional sense. But The World offers everything you might need in your neighborhood – restaurants, bars, a theatre, a place of worship, a library, cigar clubs, shopping areas, spas, conference rooms and more. If you love cooking gourmet foods at home, walk down to Fredy’s Deli for fresh produce and specialty items. You could even avail of the “Call-a-Chef” program to cook a special meal at your home onboard the ship. As it is, chefs on The World will create authentic dishes as per the ports at which The World docks.

Then again, a luxury cruise remains incomplete without a menu of fine spirits. Thus, The World has massive wine cellars that hold up to 12,000 bottles, providing residents with some 600 varieties of wine labels from across 18 nations. And to top off their indulgent day, residents can head to the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa for relaxing treatments at sea.

Homeowners On The World

The World boasts of a guest list of between 150 and 200 passengers, with a 250-strong staff to take care of them. The homeowners are essentially wealthy, filled with the wanderlust and aged 60 on the average. Some residents have made The World their permanent home while others fly in on weekends. Among the best-known residents is human behavioral expert Dr John Dematini, who bought his luxury residence at sea about a decade ago.

What makes this an even more pleasant experience is that the residents’ preferences are stored in computers aboard The World. The homes themselves cost between R6.5 million (about $805,346) and R61 million (about $7,560,808).

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