Gift Guide 2011: The Best 5 Gaming Gift Ideas For Geeks

Geeks across the planet have two things in common, an innate love for computers and an insatiable appetite for hardcore gaming. As Christmas approaches, this year’s holiday shopping for geeks is composed of some of the coolest and most technology driven products to make these tech drunks all the more merry. As we are exceptionally fond of geeks, we decided to present our readers with a holiday gift guide that has been tailored towards the exploding gaming industry and its offerings that would make a great Christmas gift. This compilation brings in the best of gaming products from a variety of well renowned manufacturers and guarantees a thrilling experience for gaming enthusiasts. So, without further ado, we bring you the best 5 gaming gift ideas for geeks

1.  Nintendo Wii Bundle

Availability: Nintendo

Price: $160

Introduced as a stark competitor to Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation3 gaming consoles, the all new Nintendo Wii is state of the art game console, designed and developed by Japan based Nintendo Corporation. Considered to be an ideal gift for geeks this holiday shopping season, the all new Nintendo Wii bundle comes packed with a Wii Mario Kart DVD, a Nintendo Wii console and controller, while this exclusive bundle has even been provided with one Nunchuk controller. To make the gaming experience all the more thrilling, Nintendo is offering a sensor bar with the package, while the unique design of the Wii controller, which essentially operates on motion sensing technology, will immerse the players in a kind of gameplay.

2.  Microsoft Xbox 360 4GB

Availability: Microsoft Corporation

Price: $199.

The most cherished and widely popular gaming console in the world, Xbox 360 from Microsoft has just become all the more enticing as the company has now come out with  a special holiday edition of Xbox 360 4GB console. To ensure that all Xbox fans are able to get the best of this holiday season, nearly all console models have been made available, including the Modern Warfare 3 Bundle. With the Xbox 360 4GB, gamers will be able to play some of the coolest and most astounding video games, such as the likes of Battlefield 3, Need For Speed: The Run, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 etc. while enjoy motion gaming experience, via Xbox Kinect technology. The console comes with built in wifi for seamless connectivity and an enhanced gaming experiences, while this feature even enables you to download games from Xbox Live in Full HD 1080p and 5.1 surround sound. Along with the 4GB internal storage, users will also gain access to the Xbox Live world, where they can connect with friends and get the very best of multiplayer and online gaming.

3.  Sony PlayStation 3

Availability: Sony Corporation

Price: $250

From one of the biggest names in the field of consumer electronics, Sony Corporation, comes a fascinating new gaming console for geeks this holiday season, in the form of Sony PlayStation 3. Globally renowned for its stunning visuals and wide range of game titles, the PlayStation 3 features a massive 160GB hard drive, which is more than sufficient for about 1,200 games as well as 100 HD movies along with space for 3,600 songs that can be played via the console’s built in media player. The PS3 as the consoles is affectionately called, is the only gaming device featuring a HD Blu-ray player and comes with built in for easy connectivity to the Sony PlayStation Network. The console is powered by a state of the art Cell Broadband Engine advanced microprocessor and is more than capable of rendering visuals at Full HD 1080p. Among other features, the console comes with a Sony  DualShock 3 Wireless Controller for precision gaming, while users can even opt to purchase the PlayStation Move Motion Controller for enhanced motion gaming experience.

4.  Sony PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle

Availability: Sony Corporation

Price: $349

When it comes to technology, especially in the field of hi-tech gaming, geeks always prefer to have a mobile gaming device that satiate their on-the-go gaming appetite. Hence, for this year’s holiday season, Sony has announced the launch of PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle, a mobile gaming console that has been given a special holiday pre-release. The PS Vita First Edition Bundle is powered by a state of the art four core ARM Cortex A9 processor, while the device sports a massive 5 inch OLED multi-touchscreen and even comes with a rear multi-touch pad for an amazing touch gaming experience. the PS Vita runs on a brand new OS called, LiveArea that puts you in the center of the social networking universe, along with direct access to the PlayStation Network. Users can have hours of intense gaming fun with the highly addictive ‘Little Deviants’ game title, while other high profile titles are also set to be launched soon. The Sony PS Vita has been given wifi and 3G connectivity for a seamless gaming experience, while the device even comes with a built in GPS and BlueTooth 2.1.

5.  Samsung Galaxy 10.1 16GB Tablet Bundle

Availability: Samsung Electronics

Price: $540

Utilizing the full potential of one of the most cherished tablets in the world, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Gamestop has now come out with the ultimate gaming gift for the geeks in the form of the all new  Samsung Galaxy 10.1 16GB Tablet Bundle. The remarkable table which carries a NVidia Tegra 2 GPU has now been given chance to show its best performance with HD games such as the likes of Dead Space, Re-Load, Sonic CD, Monster Madness etc. Powered by a dual core 1Ghz processor and sporting 1GB of RAM, Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bundle edition has been given a Tablet Wireless Bluetooth Controller for the ultimate gaming experience. This wonderful  state of the art tablet sports a 10.1 inch WXGA capacitive touchscreen and comes packed with wifi as well as Bluetooth connectivity, along with an impressive 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of flash storage options

Disclaimer: All prices mentioned for the products are subjected to change without any notice and are expected to fluctuate throughout the holiday season.


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