JetLev R200 Water Powered Jetpack Costs A Whopping $99,500

Bringing the thrill of watching a man fly with nothing but a jetpack from the James Bond movies to real life is a South Florida based company called, JetLev Technologies that has now comes out with the sensational JetLev R200. This magnificent invention is essentially a jetpack that instead of using aviation or conventional fuel,  makes use of water to propel the jetpack. The JetLev R200 is best suited as a water sports luxury toy that takes the thrills of water based activities to new heights. The man behind this state of the art  and one of a kind invention is Raymond Li, who was greatly fascinated by the jetpacks shown in the 1965 James Bond movie, Thunderball. The idea behind this remarkable water powered jetpack is that the user will travel about 30 feet above water, while the water body itself will not only power the device, but will also act as a cushion for the users, in case he crashes. The JetLev R200 is said to be capable of achieving a maximum velocity of 28mph and the device is said to be extremely safe.

As per the inventor of JetLev R200 water powered jetpack, because the propulsion for the device is entirely water based,  hence it increases the safety exponentially. The R2000 is essentially composed of a 200 hp engine as well as a floating pod, much like a water scooter. The jetpack contraption is attached to these two elements, where in the engine sends in water up to a 33 feet hose which is attached to the jetpack. This in turn propels the JetLev R200, by releasing water pressure, much like a garden hose from tubes fitted on both sides of the jetpack. As of now the JetLev R2000 is being currently provided on a rental model, wherein users can take the water powered jetpack for ride, for a maximum duration of 45 minutes, with a price tag of $250. Till now, JetLev has sold some 70 water powered jetpacks, primarily to rental as well as yacht charter companies. This magnificent jetpack is available for purchase with a total cost of $99,500, while if you are looking for premium paint jobs for your JetLev R2000, then you would have to shed an additional $3,500.

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