Sydney Opera House Inspired Camper is Your Complete Holiday Home

The architecture of the Sydney Opera House must have inspired many things but it is perhaps the first time that a camper has been designed with inspiration from the famous building. Dutch and German teams of designers have collaborated on the project and the result has been an entire mobile suite. In fact it could qualify as glamping because of its luxury features. The Opera Camper has a low profile design that folds into a compact trailer that is easy to tow behind a sedan. You don’t need powerful SUVs or trucks to pull it resulting in a saving on gas.

The camper is in a class of its own and compared to campers of its size it is remarkably easy to transport and install. It is ideal for luxury camping trips. It is a comprehensive and luxurious camper complete with a functioning kitchen, a bathroom and an outdoor shower. It is an efficient design which has a very unique and elegant exterior and an optimal layout on the inside that gives you more for every square foot. The luxury and the detail of the interior of the tent is simply amazing. In fact you normally don’t expect so much from a tent but the Opera Camper delivers much more than you expect.

The teak veranda in front is very inviting and a good indication of what is to come. There are two electrically adjustable beds inside that can be clubbed together to make a large bed. There is hot air heating and a boiler that supplies hot water to the kitchen, the toilet and the outdoor shower. There is a proper ceramic toilet, a top loading refrigerator and low energy LED lighting. In short, it is a complete holiday home. The Opera Camper has been made available for sale in Europe and Australia. You are sure to see them in the next camping festivals.


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