There Are No Dog Days For Dog Businesses In America

While other industries trip and stumble over the financial minefield left behind by the recession, the dog industry is not having any trouble. The economic crisis may have forced people to cut back on luxuries. But dog owners continue to indulge their dogs without worrying about the prices. The dog business continues to thrive across various sectors – pet resorts, dog daycare, canine fashion, and more. According to reports, some 46.3 million homes in America have pet dogs. That is a huge market, without even accounting the various other pets that inhabit American homes. Overall, American pet owners spend in excess of $50.84 billion on their pets on an annual basis.

It is no wonder that brothers Jason and Steven Parker – both twenty-somethings – sold their pet-sitting business for a six-figure sum. After graduating college, their put their heads together and started a luxury hotel for dogs – K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel. Steven says this is the best time to get into the dog business. Like dogs? Maybe you should take him at his word, and start up a dog hotel of your own. Who knows, it might soon become one of the top 10 pet hotels in the business.

Today’s thriving dog business, however, traces back to the rise of the original movie star dog – Rin Tin Tin. In the 1920s and 1930s, Rin Tin Tin starred in numerous movies, encouraging the concept of getting home a pet dog. The demand for pet dogs increased during WWII, to provide both protection and companionship while the men were away, contributing to the war effort. By the 1950s, modern-day dog basics were everywhere – dog bones, readymade doghouses, canine clothes and so on. Dog salons and grooming centers were the product of the next decade, the 1960s. The dog-rental business also took some strides at this time, but did not quite take off. Even the first franchised pet store, Pet Dockter Center opened for business in 1964.

We have come a long way since then. Today’s dogs are a pampered lot. They get dog beds and bandanas, bathrobes, sunglasses and more. They even have opportunities to improve their agility. Jaime and Mark Van Wye’s dog agility training center, Zoom Room, has various franchise outlets opening up across America. Jaime, a former dog kennel owner, was looking at a business model for the dog industry that had more positives than negatives. Despite husband Mark’s initial apprehensions, Jaime was convinced and Zoom Room was soon born. This ended up being a great business idea, especially since dog agility is the top canine sport in America.

Also profiting from the dog industry is Christy Howard’s Three Dog Bakery, a two-store chain that rakes in annual sales of over $1 million. Howard’s been in business since 1989 and currently employs a total of 12 employees. Her husband sees to the finances.

Yes, the dog business is booming. Cleaning may be a big part of the dog industry, but the overall rewards are many. Moreover, as most of these entrepreneurs will tell you, dogs are easy to work with. It also helps that people give their dogs the best that the world has to offer – a quality that spells profits for the dog industry.

Via: Huffington Post

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