Golden Version of Lamborghini Aventador Model Car Costs 12 Times the Price of the Real Car

Model cars that are exact replicas look cute but can be awfully expensive. Lamborghini Aventador LP700 model car had achieved the distinction of being the world’s most expensive model car and it is now set to break its own record by getting a golden treatment. Robert Guelpen is the German model car maker who has established himself as the creator of one-of-a kind miniature cars. He has been in this business since 1990 and has perfected the art with experience. One of his super rich clients has commissioned him to create a golden version of the Aventador.

This client is not stopping with the gold plating of the miniature car but has given out specifications about what kind of material has to be used in the car. Specific parts have to be made with platinum or carbon fiber and there will be embellishments done with diamonds. According to a rough estimate the cost of the miniature Aventador made according to the lavish specifications would cost $4.65 million at least. The model car seems set to be heading into the Guinness Book of Records.

The cost is sure to overshoot the initial estimates as approximately 700 diamonds are to be studded on the two seats inside. The chassis of the car is to be made from solid gold. The wheel rims will be made from platinum and carbon fiber is supposed to be used for some other parts. The miniature version is being made to 1:8 scale. It is rumored that the model Aventador will go under hammer with a base price of £3million. The asking price is 12 times the price of the real car. The auction to be held in New York is scheduled for some time in December.

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