Loriblu Unveils Limited Edition $40,000 Gold and Diamond Sandals

If you thought you hadn’t had enough of blingy pants and luxury shoes, well think for a second. Loriblu has unveiled shoes that are made to order which come with real gold and diamond stuck in all the different places. The crystal heels were unveiled at the International Luxury Show in Verona and have been designed by Graziano Cuckoo and jeweller Ponte Vecchio.

These high heeled sandals are limited edition stuff and the ankle straps are studded with rubies and diamonds. If you get tired of wearing your shoes, you can also remove the strap and wear it as a bracelet, apparently. These sandals cost $40,000 and odd and I think, what a sad way to spend money if you only have to rip off the strap of your sandals and wear them as bracelets! Not just that, these weird blingy sandals would be available at Loriblu boutiques in Milan and Rome at a public ‘revelation’.

It would apparently be available on demand, in their stores at Rome, Milan, Dubai, Doha, St. Petersburg and St. Benedetto del Tronto. Oh, it would be available online too. Moreover, these cities are all located in the Middle East, Russia and Italy. This makes me wonder quite a bit. Russia is known to have Putin coming back for another term or two, Italy is bankrupt but corrupt and Middle east is bankrupt, corrupt yet rich enough to build hotels that never get filled up. One must wait and watch until when this charade of most expensive shoes is going to continue!

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