Golden Toilets at the China Exhibition of Haikou Dazzle Sanitation Proponents

11th World Toilet Summit exclusively exhibits “Golden” Toilets at China Exhibition of Haikou, capital of Hainan province. The purpose of the exhibition is to improve living conditions of people to lead a good life. People will have a glimpse of globe’s best luxury toilet which would bring satisfaction in terms of both quality and looks. Many representatives from bathroom equipment manufacturers who have developed toilet products will take part in the three-day summit. At the event, demonstrations of sanitary wares to the visitors will be held from several companies, enterprises and institutions.

The founder of World Toilet Organization Jack Sim hopes that public will be encouraged by such events, to cooperate in maintaining clean and safe toilets. At present, toilets cannot meet the demands of increasing population of the world. According to Sim of WTO, there are no availability of clean toilets to the forty percent of population of globe. In order to meet the need, one billion toilets should be built throughout the worldwide. Good toilets to the public promote tourism, and tourist attraction also increase the growth of tourist economy.

Jiang Dingzhi, Governor of Hainan province himself has committed to developing tourist destinations with more toilets and good management staff for its facilities. Already the government has implemented rules and regulations to improve toilet conditions. The head quarter of WTO, a non-profitable organization of globe set up in the year 2001 in Singapore. Since then the World Toilet Summit has been organized by WTO as an annual event. You could flush in the most expensive gold commode paying approximately £129,500. Read our previous article about Swarovski crystals toilet seat.




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