Britain’s Most Extravagant Pooch Has Spent £100,000

Louise Harris has a pooch dog called Lola who is being touted as the most extravagant pooch in Britain and she has it all except for a luxury pet spa of her own. The poor little rich puppy apparently has a £500 diamond encrusted tiara which is a replica of what Kate Middleton wore for her wedding. That is not all, the pooch also has spent a fortune for her size, totally amounting to £100,000. Louse spent $31,128 on Lola’s wedding to Chinese Crested Mugly in which Lola wore a gown studded with 1,800 Swarovski crystals and a pearl necklace.

Lola also has a £5,000 handmade designer bed, handmade couture dresses which cost more than £400 each, her own jewellery collection and of course an indulging parent-owner in the form of Louise. Why would Louise spend so much on her dog? Well, the answer seems simple to me. People lately have begun to spend a bit too much on their pets than themselves. This I say because, it is no longer news when we hear people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their dogs and cats, and most of the times these pet owners aren’t all that rich anyway.

It is the sort of indulgence that they crave for themselves which they sadly lack and hence project their desires and lacking on their pets, and assume that these pets would somehow want whatever their owners do. It is funny, but such people always land in limelight and that could also be one of the reasons why they choose to spend so much on their pets when all that a pet wants is some warmth and affection. Oh, do also take a look at the pet resort, the dog mansion and top 10 pet hotels.

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