Berco’s Popcorn Creates Most Expensive Varieties Using Rare Ingredients

Popcorn is said to be the oldest food item as the Native Americans had mastered this item as early as 3,500 BC. The surprising part is that after thousands of years it is still the most popular snack item and consumed all over the world with minor local variations. Berco’s Billion dollar popcorn has attempted to reinvent the oldest snack item by giving it a special makeover. They have created a golden popcorn that has found a place in the record books as the most expensive popcorn in the world.

It is the ingredients used for preparing the exclusive popcorn that makes it expensive. Berco’s popcorn uses organic sugar for caramel, Butter (from Vermont Creamery), Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla, the world’s most expensive salt, Laeso and is finally garnished with 23K edible gold flakes. Surprisingly it was the salt which was the most difficult to source as it comes from the Danish Island of Laeso. The special salt is still made through processes that are over 1,000 year old. Procuring the salt is no easy task as the diplomatic mission of the country has to step in to facilitate the import.

This variety of popcorn sells for $100 for a Quart to $1,000 for 6.5 Gallons. However, there are three other varieties of popcorn available with Berco’s. Caramel corn uses caramel made with organic sugar and butter, salt and vanilla. A 6.5 Gallons pack will cost you $130. The Butter Hero Corn is a unique variety offered by Berco’s. The organic butter used gives it a special flavor. The Pretty and Skinny Corn is targeted at the health conscious as only some rare salt is added while processing this variety. Berco’s offers the option of ordering a Custom Tin where you can split the three varieties in the proportions you like.

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