100 Year Old Lanchester Car Up For Auction For More Than $150,000

There is no limit to the amount of money people are willing to spend on luxury vintage cars, especially because of their elegance and their unbroken connection to a time, when royalty and opulence were more than just words. To exemplify this fact, a Lanchester car, which was created about one years ago for an Indian Maharaja is now set to go under the hammer and is expected to fetch a staggering $155,000.  The State Limousine was designed and developed in the year 1912 for the Maharaja of Rewa and at the time of its inception would have cost a whopping $1,800, which by the standards of that time, would have been a fortune. This fascinating piece of historic automotive engineering was fitted with some of the best luxurious amenities of the time, befitting a luxurious vehicle. The State Limousine featured a fan built into the roof and was even comprised of a special servant’s door. It is said that the Maharaja preferred to drive the car himself, hence this luxury car was also incorporated with a gap in the passenger side, so the chauffer could sit on the floor.

Considered to be one of the finest concept luxury cars, the 1912 Lanchester State Limousine came with what is known as a ‘fat man’ steering wheel, which essentially collapsed to make room for oversized occupants. This particular vintage limousine is one of the only three 38 hp Lanchester State Limousines in existence and the marvelous vehicle features  leather seats. This extraordinary vintage limousine also comes with windows lowering windows, as found on trains while the engine of the vehicle is located in the front,  right between the driver and the passenger. The 1912 Lanchester State Limousine was sent back to the U.K in 1960 and is said to have retained its original condition. This gorgeous vintage car will be put up for auction by Bonhams at Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey, on December 1st. 2011.

According to Stewart Skilbeck (Motoring Specialist, Bonhams),

“Lanchester were unusual because they made the engine, chassis and the coachwork. Most motor companies didn’t do the coachwork themselves. This car was made for the requirements of the Maharaja of Rewa. The Maharajah of Rewa was so impressed with this car that he later ordered a 40hp Lanchester as its successor.”

Via Daily Mail

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