Schindelhauer Ludwig XIV CS Touring Bicycle is the most Advanced with 14-Speed Gearing System

The desire to develop zero carbon modes of transport has increased the focus on bicycles. We have been reporting regularly on developments in the field including the antique high wheel bicycle and PG bikes or the fast electric bicycles. Even bicycle accessories have got a boost as the most expensive bicycle saddle was talked about a lot. The latest technologically advanced bicycle that has come to the market is the Schindelhauer Ludwig XIV CS touring bicycle. The cycle with 14-speed gearing system has been hand crafted to perfection.

This bicycle provides the best eco-friendly rides as most of its components are made by hand. The Schindelhauer Ludwig XIV CS has a unique lightweight frame at just under ten kilograms. It is crafted out of special grade aluminum and carbon fiber. The geometric design of the body carries the Rohloof 14-speed gearing system well and the ultra light crank set and the rubber chain from the Gates Drive belt system enhance the quality of the ride. The advanced gearing system ensures safety and stability under different conditions and terrains including racing.

The other highlight of the cycle is the rubber chain. It not only helps reduce the overall weight of the bike but makes the ride completely noiseless. The saddle is finished with perforated leather to provide comfortable seating. As mentioned earlier you could go in for the most expensive Crown Saddle who have recently released three designs. This perfectly designed high performance bicycle has been priced at $18,000. The price does not include any customization and has to be paid for separately.

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