Oversized Plush Animals that Look Real Could Make Good Christmas Gifts

Children have a great fascination for animals but it is neither advisable nor feasible to bring in an exotic animal from the wild and tame it enough so that your child can play with it. The wild animals can never be tamed enough to be totally secure and turned into holiday gifts. Even with the trainers around and with many precautions in place, accidents are known to happen. Only recently a lion being used for a fashion shoot felt provoked enough to attack the model. Fortunately the accident was not fatal but it could put an end to the model’s career.

So what is the next best alternative? Oversized plush animals being offered by Restoration Hardware Baby & Child come close. They look real enough to make your guests jump in fear until they see the animals closely. These are well crafted pieces that could become your family’s heirloom and to be passed on from generations to generations. But in this festive season they will make ideal Christmas gifts, especially if the one on the receiving end loves the wild and has a home big enough to accommodate a mini zoo.

The best thing about these animals is that they offer you a ride. The animals have been created over an internal frame made from structural steel. The frame is light in weight but exceptionally strong. The frame can support up to 150 pounds safely. Each piece is meticulously hand crafted and finished to perfection. You can choose from large giraffe or extra large giraffe and lion. The prices range between $500 to $900 for the giraffes and $800 for the lion.

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