Bowers & Wilkins Offers Optimal Resonance Speakers

It does not get more new age than these four-way speakers by Bowers & Wilkins. In the past, we have seen such stunning audio products as the Magico Q3 speakers, Goldmunds speakers, Evolution Acoustics’ MM3, and the super-sleek CS3 speakers. The Martin Logan EFX review also struck a chord with audiophiles. So what makes the new optimal resonance speakers from Bowers & Wilkins so cool?

For one thing, the optimal resonance speakers provide wonderful sound clarity. The team at Bowers & Wilkins has worked hard to ensure that the device dampens and channels rear traveling sounds. 1-inch and 2-inch tweeters team up with a 4-inch mid-range driver to give out a crisp and clear sound. Laser-Doppler velocimetry has been used to ensure that vibration patterns are measured to 1/3000th of a millimeter. Additionally, the 12-inch bass drivers ensure that users enjoy bass notes better than ever. The bass driver sits within the shell-like spiral tube. Each driver works on a specific frequency band providing a truly high quality audio experience.

I am not convinced that I like the overall design of this terrific pair of speakers. But in the right home, it could fit in like a glove. A bigger problem will be the price. These optimal resonance speakers from Bowers & Wilkins retail for $60,000 each. If you could even afford that price tag, let me tell you that each speaker will need four separate amplifiers to provide the best sound quality. That should push up the price even further. But if money is not an issue, you can start choosing your speakers at Hammer Schlemmer. They are available in black, blue and silver, using paint and lacquer more commonly used in German luxury cars.

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