Ferguson Hill Releases Home Theater System with See-Through Floor Standing Horn Speakers

Transparency is a much used word these days. In civilized societies around the world people are advised to bring in more and more transparency in their day to day life. Governments today are expected to behave in a transparent manner. Ferguson Hill has brought transparency to a home theater. His latest creation is the transparent Home Theater system FH009. He has incorporated the see-through FH001 speakers in the home theater system and the opaque acoustic sound box is sure to be a hit with the tech geeks.

The FH009 combines a pair of see-through floor standing horn speakers with 2 bass speakers. And all the speakers can be controlled through an integrated amplifier control. This is high end audio system created for reproducing the best quality of sound and is equally appealing aesthetically. The amplifier control which is placed in the central console unit comes in black or white color options. The see through speakers are also available as wall mountings. If it is the Ferguson Hill brand you can be sure of the best sound quality.

The system has a USB port and is compatible with practically any and all sound storage devices. The gadgetry involves two sets of line-ins and 3.5mm stereo input. There are the 2x 32W speakers in the central console, and the 2x 32W for the see-through acrylic floor-standers for balanced and true sound reproduction. The pricing for the set is $1,239 (£796) each. If you are interested it would be better to pre order as a limited run is planned.

Via: asia.cnet

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