Amuse Me Offers to Create a Personal Video Game Exclusively for You

Luxury is all about customization and personalization. You can customize automobiles or go for custom limo or  custom bikes.The development in the digital technology has made it possible now to personalize video games. And it doesn’t mean just superimposing your face on the hero of the game but create an entire game based on your life story or the way you want your life to be. Video gaming is 40 years old now and over the years it has developed from a transient pastime to cult contemporary art medium. The personalization service is called Amuse Me and it offers tailor made games according to your script recreating your life story.

The exclusive service was launched a few weeks ago. This new media art allows you to fight with characters of your choice. This unique service is the brain child of Abdel Bounane, editor in chief of Amusement, a digital lifestyle magazine. Publications like The Guardian, Vogue, The New York Times and Vanity Fair have also contributed to the project. Creating your own video game is a giant step seen in the context of the first games developed years ago.

Three levels of customization are available under the Amuse Me service. The simplest form of personalization is digitally adapting the faces, outfits, backgrounds and various accessories of the main characters in six existing games. The cost is only €20, or $27, per modified element. In the second level of customization you can opt for a panel of ten designers who can recreate a sophisticated game for you from scratch. The cost ranges from €1,000 to €10,000. The last and the deluxe option is that you can avail of the services of top notch video game artists for inventing an intricate universe exclusively for you. Even an entire device can be created around the game and will cost you €50,000.

Via: kotaku, nytimes

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