Hang It Like A Painting – The Vertical Chess Set Is A Terrific Christmas Gift

Find chess boring? Why not turn the game on its head? An unusual new vertical chess set does just that and more. The chessboard is transformed into something like a three-dimensional painting, with the chess pieces sitting on the various boxes. The idea is to allow chess fanatics to play this typical unending indoor sport for even longer. If you were looking for Christmas gift ideas for your holiday shopping trip, add this interesting chess set to your list.

How It Works

The chess set hangs on a wall, looking more like a picture than an ongoing game. Each player can make their next move whenever they walk past. If they cannot think of a suitable move, the game stands unmoved on the wall for days on end, until the player in question decides to play again. It is easy to pick up where they left off, thanks to the last move marker. If you thought a game of chess went on for hours, think again. This chess set is designed to allow a game to go on for days, or weeks, maybe even months on end.

How It Looks

Crafted from cherry veneer, the chessboard retains the natural look for the white spaces and is stained for the black spaces. Acrylic shelves serve as stands for the classic Staunton chess pieces. Rosewood makes up the black pieces and boxwood forms the white pieces.

What It Costs

You can purchase this chess set for $300, not too expensive for what could well be the longest chess game you have ever played.

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