Project Utopia Becomes Reality, Available for Sale as a Christmas Gift

Project Utopia or the Utopia island yacht was a collaborative effort by Yacht Island Design and BMT Nigel Gee, and as the name suggests it was an utopian concept that many doubted would ever see the light of day. But the design house and the naval architects persisted and have managed to turn the concept into reality. In fact they are offering the floating 11 storey lair for sale and have positioned it as a Christmas gift. You can get all the details on the gadget site Firebox where it has been listed.

This would easily qualify as the most expensive gift. The price has not been indicated and will be mentioned only on application. The estimated price would go into several hundred million. The site is full of several other surreal and very expensive gifts like a flying Back To The Future DeLorean car priced at £70,000. Neiman Marcus, the ultra luxury American catalogue had once offered the most unique luxury gift like Elton John singing a private carol concert under your Christmas tree.

These ultra high price gifts have very few takers as only they can afford it. Utopia is also in the price range where the affordability factor will restrict the number of interested buyers. The legs of the structure support a thruster so that it is stable on the high seas. The structure can also move between locations. However, there are several helipads on the structure as moving the entire structure is not very convenient. The structure looks inspired by the evil den featured in the 007 film The Spy Who Loved me. The uppermost deck with a retractable roof serves as an observatory is located 65 mts above the water.

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