Kylie Minogue’s Lingerie auctioned off for $8,000

We can imagine jewel-decked Victoria Secret’s  lingerie selling for huge sum but we can’t undermine the capability of celebrity lingerie raking in big bucks. This is the hottest trend in the tinsel trend where celebrities are now selling off their intimate clothing to the highest bidder. We had earlier heard of Lady Gaga doing something similar and now Kylie Minogue has recently auctioned her knickers for as much as $8,000 through the desk of Christie’s London.

This piece of lingerie was donned by actress during a photo shoot which took place for the 2012 Study Vox Foundation charity calendar. The red silk La Perla set was put on auction at Christie’s London with an intention to aid young people with money troubles in sustaining their active citizenship. This lingerie is a red bustier with lace trim and silk underwear and was originally estimated to bring in $3,000 to $6,000. But the actual sold out value is much higher than those estimations. Like most famous auctions, we don’t know how the now is much famed owner of this but reports suggest the buyer has also received calendar signed by the pop star. The pop star was quite thrilled about this sale and even tweeted to publicly thank the buyer.

So besides owning and showing off artifacts, there is this niche segment of collectibles that are coming up. Hollywood fans will be more than happy to shell out a bomb if they get to own a piece of lingerie that was originally worn by their favorite star.

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