Goldsmith Jack Row’s Exotic Pen Priced $43,500

Gorgeous and expensive things are the creation of great imagination of gorgeous mind. Why can’t you do justice and show dedication to your wealth or creative writing, owning the most expensive Jack Row writing tool.  The fountain pen is topped with diamond and white gold. The diamonds are approximately 0.90 Carats with inner barrel made of solid sterling silver plated with Rhodium and 22 carat gold and it is further decorated with outer filigree work of solid eighteen carat white gold. The nib is extremely precious, being fashioned from solid 18kt yellow gold.

Goldsmith Jack Row is the Architect Pen manufacturer, which is handcrafted in the United Kingdom. It is an inspiration of Islamic design and modern London architecture. Jack Row is an award winning and world renowned designer and the creator of the most expensive writing instrument. The pen of expensive version limited to eighty eight pieces, are created and handed down to us.  The unique work would be an investment for life. Usually expensive pens’ asking price will not be available for the public. In spite of it, Jack Row’s luxurious pen is priced at $43,500.

Nothing has a greater impact than pen in the third worlds that stirs the power of imagination, dreams, ambitions, and love for knowledge, which helps to face challenges. Literally you may have the personal liking for most expensive pens such as Sylvester stallone luxury pen, Tourbillion pens or luxury pens. But the pen is mightier than anything else as you express through inspiring writing, which is beneficial for social, psychological and physical health.


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