White Stilton Gold Cheese is Processed with Real Gold

The best thing about being rich is that you have enormous choice. Since they can pay any price special items keep being made from them. And it is true even in the choice of food and what you eat. The festive season is nearing and you instinctively become extravagant in whatever you do. The British Company Long Clawson Dairy ahs recently unveiled a very expensive variety of cheese called the White Stilton Gold. By the way, the gold in the cheese is real.

The expensive variety of the cheese is made from premium white Stilton. The cheese is then processed with a combination of real edible gold leaf, and real gold-Cinnamon Schnapps. The rich and the famous would naturally love it as it will add to their Christmas menu and since you can’t eat diamonds you have to make do with gold. The dairy has planned a limited run for this exclusive cheese. Therefore technically the most expensive cheese is in short supply. Hopefully you won’t have to stand in a queue to get it. It will be more sensible to visit their site to find how to acquire the golden cheese.

The White Stilton Gold Cheese has been priced at $95 for a slice weighing 100 grams which is around 3.5 ounces. It can now compete with the most expensive cheese sandwich. It is destined to become the highlight of any cheeseboard it occupies this Christmas. However, the question that comes to one’s mind is if we really required a gold topped food item right now. What do you think?

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