Samsung SUR40, a new Microsoft Surface Device is Available for Pre Order in 23 Countries

Retail as a sector consistently needs to use technology innovatively to streamline their services and provide a more exciting shopping experience to their customers. Microsoft Surface has been in use for some time but a second, more retail-friendly version of Microsoft Surface, the Samsung SUR40 is now available for pre-order in 23 countries. The fact that it is better than the previous models has been confirmed as it has received Best of What’s New award from Popular Science magazine. Somanna Palacanda, director of Microsoft Surface believes that the new surface device will help businesses engage better with their customers.

The new device takes the existing technology that was in the back of the stores and brings it on centre stage. It allows for a more immersive relationships be it in retail stores, or a Doctor’s clinic or a bank. The customer can sit together with you and work on a simulation. The new model from Samsung is a more versatile Microsoft Surface and is almost ready for shipping. They are taking pre orders in 23 countries and interested businesses can contact the representatives in their country and place an order. The shipments are expected start early next year.

Samsung SUR40 has impressed the experts and the potential customers alike because so much of computing intelligence and sensor technology has been incorporated in a rather thin package. The device was first released at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and had received very good reviews from experts. The embedded systems in the device are very powerful and support the delivery of significant processing horsepower and outstanding graphics capability. The device has been priced at $8,400 which is higher than earlier estimates and might come in the way of the device being deployed in large numbers.

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