Richard Meier Creates the Shenzhen Clubhouse on an Island in OCT Bay

China has taken big strides when it comes to luxury in any and every field. The Shenzhen Clubhouse is the latest example. It is located on an island in the OCT Bay in the Shenzhen province of China. The New York based architecture firm Richard Meier has designed the clubhouse that serves as an oasis that offers respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and its stressful life. It has been designed as a comprehensive complex that will not only boast of lush, landscaped grounds but will feature a restaurant, an art gallery, recreational facilities along with developed private areas on the island.

The main building appears to be a series of jutting white angular facades that intersect each other. They have been created out of white metal panels. Vertical screens have been placed between the panels to allow natural light in abundance. There are skylights throughout the complex to light up the interiors. The courtyards have been planted with native bamboo, flowers and trees and they are connected to the interiors with glass curtains and open air atriums.

The opposite front of the clubhouse has been designed as a half circle facing the water. It has glass windows and a louver system whose movable blades can be adjusted to manipulate the lighting. Garden paths have been created outside at the end of which you have a state of the art fitness centre with an indoor pool. It is a smaller structure compared to the main building and offers stunning views of the lush gardens outside. The Shenzhen Clubhouse is an oasis that the city dwellers will keep coming back to.

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