Enjoy The Thrill Of A Jetpack At $250

Mission Impossible? Not anymore. Now you too can jet over the water wearing what looks like a little backpack. Look closer. This is not just another backpack; it is a jetpack. Meet the Jetlev R200, a cool jetpack that is attached to an accompanying boat.

How Does It Work?

The Jetlev R200 works on a propulsion system. Water shoots out of this jetpack’s nozzles. The Jetlev R200 is attached to the accompanying boat via a 33-foot-long hose. The boat carries out most of the heavy pumping work. As a result, the jetpack remains compact and relatively lightweight. It is easy to manouevre as well. The only problem is that because this jetback is linked to the boat, users cannot soar above 33 feet. And there is no question of using the Jetlev R200 over dry land.

Highlights Of The Jetlev R200

But few will be complaining as they soar into the air at a top speed of 25 mph. What is cooler still is that the boat holds up to 26 gallons of fuel. What that means is that jetpack fanatics can practice their flight skills for close to 3 hours. You won’t even need a companion to man the boat.


The Price Pinch

The Jetlev R200 costs about $99.500 – well over most budgets. But you can try to save up the $250 rental charges that it costs to rent one of these babies. A company named Jet Pack Adventures allows interested users to rent these easy-to-use jetpacks in Key West, Florida. But Jetlev R200 is up on rent in other parts of the world as well.

Via: Oh Gizmo

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