Dutch Design House Droog Releases the Most Fashionable and Glamorous Hot Water Bottle

You become nostalgic when you see something that used to be a part of your everyday life. And you become excited when it is something that had disappeared altogether. That is exactly what happens when you see the Too Beautiful to Hide hot water bottle by Droog. There was a time when hot water bottle used to be the most economical and energy efficient means of staying warm during the winter nights. But with the advent of electric blankets they were discarded as a smelly, rubber bladder.

Something which was a must during the winter months has completely vanished from every household. But the Dutch design house has brought it back with a bang. In its new avatar it is not a rubber bladder but comes covered in pleated cloth that gives it a plush surface and even does a better job of trapping the heat than the traditional bottles. The revamped design has such glamorous looks that it could actually make a comeback. It would be like bringing the dodo back from extinction.

The Too Beautiful to Hide hot water bottle has been designed by Wendy Legro. She is the co-founder of Rotterdam-based Studio WM. The design of this bottle is an extension of her 2009 graduation project at Eindhoven. She is hopeful that her design will help reacquaint more people with a very simple way of keeping warm. The younger generation might find it particularly interesting. The glamorous looking bottle is available at Droog’s online shop for $80. The bottle looks so elegant, you might find it difficult to resist buying it.

Via: fastcodesign

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