The Tourbillon Cufflinks Blend Luxury Style With The Art Of Watch Making

Sometimes, when dressing up for a formal do, all you need is a pair of cufflinks to add a dose of much-needed style to your look. The Tourbillon cufflinks from TF Est. 1968 does just that. While former editions of these stunning cufflinks were available only in steel, the luxury-loving man can now choose from among versions in 18-carat rose gold, set with rubies and in a variety of other avatars.

The cufflinks are inspired by the art of watch making. These accessories may not show the time, but they showcase the workings of watch making mechanisms, much like the transparent casebacks of watches. As the wearer moves his wrist, the device within the cufflink is set in motion. It then begins to turn like the tourbillon in a watch, with a definite and almost scientific grace. The device does not simply resemble a mechanism from a watch. It pretty much is one.

The tourbillon sits within a casing of 18-carat gold. But if you are looking closely at these cufflinks, do not miss the extensive carbon detailing. The stems of the Tourbillon cufflinks are quite different from those of regular cufflinks. These do not take away from the stylistic appeal of the cufflinks. But they do form a continuation of functional nature of these spectacular cufflinks. The stems ensure that the cufflinks stay still and do not rotate on their own axis. These luxury accessories remain pinned to your shirt cuffs via an effective spring clasp system.


Prices vary as per the variation. The basic rose or white gold version costs $6,900. Yellow, rose or white gold versions studded with rubies, emeralds or black diamonds sell for $9,500. The most expensive, at $11,900, are the yellow, rose or white gold versions set with diamonds. Which one would you buy?

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