Spa Grande at Maui Celebrates its 20 Years with 20 Hands Massage

The Grand Wailea Resort, the posh Waldorf Astoria property in Maui is twenty years old now and the management is celebrating the anniversary wholeheartedly. As part of the celebration a 20 Hands Duo Massage at Spa Grande located in the resort. It is a unique experience when ten masseurs strike at your aching muscles simultaneously. Stephenie Handley, the assistant director at the Spa explained that the massage was developed specially for the occasion. The idea was to create something fun and over the top and finally decided to offer a massage for two people from head to toe by 20 different hands.

It is an unforgettable relaxation experience. With so many people involved in the massage the price is naturally higher at $2,000 per couple but not as extravagant as the diamond massage. It is a Hawaiian massage that involves five therapists per person. The massage process has been choreographed as a hula wave. It is a 50 minute process as the masseurs circle the table and 100 figures dance across the guest’s body. The entire treatment goes on for two and half hours. The therapists need to practice their moves so they synchronize with each other and do not step on other’s toes while giving the massage.

The key to the success of this massage is the synchronicity of all the fingers working simultaneously. It is an interesting and effective innovation that is bound to be imitated by the others. The concept is very imaginative and successfully managed to differentiate Spa Grande from others who are competing to attract the same set of guests. The special treatment was introduced in September and will run through December 2012. Do you think the results are better if more masseurs are involved in the massage?

Via: nileguide, iteneraries.msnbc.msn

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