Derelict and Vintage 1952 Chrysler Modded for Luxury Market

In the Derelict series, the look is in disguise. What you see, it is not true. The withered exterior look which is heavily coated on the surface of the vehicle is thoroughly ultra modern interiorly. Jonathon Ward is fascinated by modern content and old beauty with the Derelict series.   Jonathon appreciates aesthetic in imperfection .The car will have a look of abandoned and rusted junk but under its protective hood you could see massive modern amenities. Except for ZR-rated tires you would fail in recognizing its true character.

The Icon projects focus on hiding modern chassis, modern chassis engineering with vintage classic charm, quality restorations with unique interiors and powertrains along with a little art design to trim details to give them distinct expression. Custom modder and designer Jonathan Ward gathering several characters in his storage and turned the car of 1952 Chrysler into beautiful one today.

He likes the history of the vehicle, cool industrial design, and high quality interiors without caring for front end. Then he found ’52 Desoto and the Chrysler with pantina in rusted condition. Thus he could get the idea of the Derelict to be created, with some help from Art Morrison’s custom chassis and all stainless exhaust system made it low sound noise. Custom made wheels, the ABS brakes of 6- piston, with 500hp modern 6.1 liter Hemi SRT8. In Derelict series, Icon is the second one which is a customized car. Next coming months, you could see a 1939 Nash followed by a ’67 Rolls-Royce. These cars are meant to drive, not for looks.


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