Altec Lansing Brings Custom-Molded IEM In-Ear Headphones

One of the foremost name in the field of high performance personal audio products, Altec Lansing has announced the launch of an all new series of in-ear monitors or IEM that are not only designed to provide exceptional sound but are also custom created. This magnificent new series has been developed in collaboration with ACS Custom and is comprised of three cutting edge custom built headphones. These custom designed IEMs have been incorporated with a new and unique medical-grade silicone, known as 40 Shore Silicone. This one of a kind element provides these headphones with enhanced durability, while retaining their in-ear comfort and high performance. These custom IEMs are said to be handcrafted and Altec Lansing has provided them with enhanced noise isolation technology to an astounding 27dB and more. The Altec Lansing IEMs carry a smoked-grey and gold color scheme, while the chords of the earphones are covered in Kevlar for enhanced endurance.

One of the most appealing of these brand new IEMs is the Altec Lansing A3, which has been introduced specifically for music professionals and carry a price tag of $1,000 per pair. To ensure that these headphones deliver the promised results, Altec Lansing has incorporated them with treble and mid-range drivers, as well as a single woofer. Next in line are the Altec Lansing A2 luxury headphones that come with a hefty price tag of $750 and carries state of art dual-driver technology. The third the all new IEM series is the Alter Lansing A1 headphones. Featuring a smaller singe full-range driver, the A1 IEMs are aimed at the more conventional user cost about $500. All the headphones will be custom designed, where in every customer will be provided with an opportunity to visit one 300 audiologists, who in turn will take the exact measurement of your ears and then send it to Altec Lansing for the creation of the headphones.

According to Raleigh Wilson (VP Sales & Marketing, Altec Lansing),

“For nearly 75 years, Altec Lansing has focused on authentic sound quality, and the new Custom Series balanced armature monitors are designed to provide phenomenal sound to professionals and consumers alike who demand high fidelity music, exceptional fit and long-wearing comfort.”

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