Philip Stein Unveils Watches that Fight Negative Energy

Philip Stein is well known luxury watch brand for its sophistication and uniqueness in promoting health and well being of the person who wears it. This amazing watch brand has made its way into the Harrods stores; the collection of oval-shaped timepieces display two time zones which will come in handy for the travelers and business people who could keep a track for meetings. Some of them are made skillfully in titanium where as others are fixed with diamonds. These watches are worn by Hollywood celebrities such as Oprah, Madonna and Hugh Jackman. That too, Oprah Winfrey regards it with special favor. She featured the brand thrice on her TV show.

From the past several years, the brand has been sold in the United Kingdom through independent retail merchants such as Judith Hart jewelers, Hessmans and Peter Jackson. These watches are sold online through The Watch Hut in UK.

The co-founder of the brand Will Stein launched the brand at Harrods recently. He says about its technology which helped in curing his headaches. Here the negative energy of electronic devices will be repelled by the signals of watches which expel their own positive electromagnetic symbols. This is how our body shows better response to the signals of the watches than the other devices. Stein says that the company is internationally recognized for its wellbeing brand.

Philip Stein’s wrist bands help to get good sleep night’s sleep, and a special wine wand speeds up the aerating technology of wine.  Recently the brand has also launched its perfume.



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