Bugatti Introduces Special Convertible Model Veyron Grandsport in 3 Color Combo

The upcoming Dubai International Motor Show promises to be a dream come true for the automobile enthusiasts as all the top car makers have planned special edition models of the luxury cars for the show. Brabus Mercedes and Range Rover were highly appreciated and the BMW UAE edition was a big hit with the Gulf Auto lovers and they are now looking forward to the launch of Bugatti’s limited edition run for the Veyron Grandsport model. This exclusive design is the convertible version of the super car. It is rightfully called the super car as it topped the 400 km/ph speed barrier.

The new exclusive version of the luxury car is available in three color combos. The first and most prominent color combo of the series is the yellow and black version. The lower end of the car including the front grille, door side rims, seat accents and seatbelts are done up in black. The other half of the car including the steering wheel is done up in the bright yellow color. The price tag for this model is as bright at $2.16 million.

The blue and tangerine combo is similar in the sense that it has the darker color in the lower half of the car whereas the upper half of the vehicle has been done in bright tangerine shade. Each unit of this model would cost you $2.37 million. The last color combo option is the green and aluminum shaded combo. This model has also been priced at $2.37 million. The cars come with transparent retractable roof top and 8.0 liter W16 quad turbocharged engine that can race from 0 to 100 km/ph in just under 2.5 seconds. 45 units have already been booked and 105 are left. You must hurry if you want a car with a top speed of 431 km/ph.

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