Brazilian Designer Oskar Metsavaht Unveils Footwear and Handbags

In Brazil products and styles of sustainable fashion is becoming more popular among middle class consumers who would like to go beyond modern designs with new trends. Here environment is intricately connected with the brand Osklen that has been producing products of eco-friendly origin with fashion conscious that inspire desire without causing destruction to the environment. Now with the change of attitude, the waste has become the exploitable resource.

Brazilian designer Oskar Metsavaht is creating a new wave with discarded fish skin for shoes, hand bags with e-fabrics tag using the skins of salmon, pirrucu and tilapia that have been discarded as waste by seafood industry. Fish skin is not only eco friendly but also durable, pliable and textured. People will notice when you use exquisitely the footwear and handbags. In future definitely more and more designers will use in interiors, design industry and apparels. The fish skin is unique in pattern, luxurious and strongest leather would be used for helmets, jeans, and watch straps of new range.

Osklen explores urban nature and cultures to create environmental friendly unique products of exotic appearance. Osklen’s innovative and stunning collections including surf shorts, V-neck pullovers and T-shirts, and baggy “nirvana” pants make the consumers and designers surprised. Other unique Osklen items also include roomy bags made of tilapia fish and salmon skin as well as Osklen’s signatures shoes with reinforced sole. These are the products of non-endangered animal and noted for its versatility. You can recycle and add value for wasted fish skin. Ordinary fish can be extraordinary with the new products and projects.




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