MUUSE Plays it Smart by Manufacturing only those Designs that Get the Maximum Votes on its Website

It is always a great idea to get a feedback from the people who are going to buy your products before you actually get into production. This idea was used by US- fashion brand Velvet Brigade, who put to vote their designs and manufactured only those that garnered the most number of votes. This same idea is now being used by Danish brand MUUSE. They have brought together the top designs from design students who dream of making it big like Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood among many others.

Most of the designs focus on bespoke clothing, which is handcrafted. Voters can go to their website on search for the Concept section where all the designs have been displayed. The designs that get the maximum number of votes will then be produced in a limited edition. Those who vote need not actually buy the clothes when they finally get made. But they will be notified in case they are interested. The clothes will be tailored on a made to order basis in Copenhagen and will take about six to ten weeks to get ready.

Since you are already on their website, you can also check out their already available collections. But people living in Europe and the US can only order as their shipping is limited to these two regions. This idea makes the most of the internet and can really help the manufacturers in reducing waste and financial losses stemming from a collection that bombs in the market. I am sure more and more brands will take note from this innovative endeavour.

Via: SpringWise

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