A Kitchen Stove That Costs $100,000

If you love to cook, and can afford to fork out $100,000 for a stove, have a look at the La Cornue series. People like George Clooney and Brad Pitt have invested in these bespoke kitchen stoves. Generally, people do not pay much heed to the stoves in their kitchens. But this one is as couture as it gets. Even the uber-talented Julia Child had reportedly created many a delicious dish over this bespoke stove. This could be your key to becoming a celebrity chef.

But the crown jewel, according to La Cornue, is the Chateau Series of cooking ranges. Each of these pieces is a work of art, painstakingly created bit by bit at the La Cornue workshops on the outskirts of Paris. According to La Cornue, there are some 8,000 different configurations available. Clearly, exclusivity is maintained from stove to stove. Choose from a French top to a Grill or an Induction cook top. There are so many options that it literally boggles the mind. Of course, there is no compromising on the quality of the designs and the materials used.

One of the key features of the Chateau Series is the presence of a patented vaulted oven. Albert Dupuy designed this stunning and hugely functional oven in 1908. What keeps La Cornue’s stoves exclusive is that the company has not resorted to mass-market tendencies. The firm, which has been family-owned for three generations, creates the Chateau Series completely by hand.

Each Chateau Series cooker features two vaulted ovens. One of these is a gas oven, the other and electric one. There are two large hot plates and two solid brass burners. The cool thing is that customers can demand not only different color schemes and finishes, but also the configurations of the cookers. Each unit is as unique as you want it to be.

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