Bright Blinds Give You The Impression of Light Coming in Through a Window

In the ever-growing cement jungles, it is very hard to find a place, especially office space that has really good ventilation and lots of light coming in through the windows. Most people come in the morning and are never able to see the sun slowly set outside, stuck as they are in the little cubicle. But Bright Blinds brings some ‘brightness’ in your life. As you can see in the picture, these blinds have light coming in through the blades.

The blades are made from electroluminescent (EL) sheets, which gives the impression that light is actually coming from outside, just like in a normal window. It comes with the option of varying the intensity of light by turning the plastic rod, the way you would in the usual blinds to let more or less light come in. These blinds are made to order by Makoto Hirahara and the cost upto thousands dollars! Such an exorbitant pricing acts like a big turn off for me and I am sure for most of you guys.

But the idea definitely is a good one; something that would be a success if produced at much cheaper rates. You can click on this Link to get more details and order it online if it has caught your fancy or if you are a vampire who cant actually feel the sunlight. For those of you who have become acclimatised by the dark stuffy places, might not consider the Bright Blinds such a ‘bright’ idea.

Via: IncredibleThings

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