Black Swan, China Comes Up With The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cake

Yes, we all by now are aware of the fact that, China, which is considered to be one of the most booming economies in the world is also a very vibrant luxury market, with the influx of numerous highly reputed international luxury brands vying to capture a share of the money pie. Now, the luxury sector in China has also spread its aura of exclusivity to the holy bond of matrimony. As it happens, one of the foremost bakery chains in mainland China, Black Swan that has its stores across the nation, has now created the world’s most expensive wedding cake. Putting a more refined spin to the already lucrative luxury wedding industry, this one of a kind and exclusive wedding cake carries a mind blowing price tag of 1,999,999 RMB (Chinese Yuan), which converts to $315,000. This magnificent wedding cake is currently on display at the new opened Black Swan shop in Beijing.

Black Swan is well known across the luxury industry for its line of highly expensive cakes, but the company also caters to the needs of the common man with its wide range of affordable cakes, desserts and breads. The world’s most expensive wedding cake has been designed and developed in an effort to attract the rising number of the rich and affluent in China, who have no qualms in spending exorbitant amounts of sum to flaunt their rich and exclusive lifestyles. While the rest of the world struggles to relieve itself from the global financial crunch, it seems there are those in China, who would willing to spend such a high price to not only satiate their appetite for luxury cakes, but to also be a part of one of the most memorable wedding ever, with the most expensive wedding cake.

Via Business Insider

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